Certified Japanese Traditional mark

Country designation “traditional crafts”

Traditional crafts is an industry that traditional craft industry in Japan has passed on traditional techniques and techniques and has given richness and moisture to the people’s lives, and based on the resources and technology of the area, the manufacturing industry is traditionally It is formed and cultivated in a long history and climate, contributing to the development of regional economy and creation of employment.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s support is not aimed only to protect and preserve technologies and techniques focusing on its cultural characteristics, but focuses on maintaining and developing the traditional craft industry as an industrial activity, going.

Based on the application from the production area association etc of the craft product, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry will designate those that meet the designated requirements as “traditional craft items”.


About the symbol mark of traditional crafts

“Traditional crafts” designated by the government is designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry based on the “Law on Promotion of Traditional Craft Industry” (promulgated in 1964, abbreviated “Transmission Law”). In designing, all of the following requirements must be satisfied.

Designation system of “traditional crafts”

It is a craft that gives life richness and moisture.
It is not mass-produced by machines, but parts that greatly affect the product’s taste are made by handmade.
It was made with traditional Japanese techniques and techniques that have been going on for over 100 years to this day.
The necessary parts are made of materials traditionally used from over 100 years ago to today, in order to maintain the quality and give it a sense of taste.
It has been created by forming a certain area.

1. It must be a craft product mainly used in everyday life.
2. Of the manufacturing processes, the portion that greatly affects the product’s taste is mainly manual work.
3. It shall be manufactured by traditional techniques and techniques that have a history of over 100 years and continue to this day.
4. Principal raw materials have been continuously used for over 100 years in principle.
5. The business operators who manufacture the crafts in a certain area have been maintained to a certain extent and established as regional eft business.

To paste this traditional stamp and display traditional craft items

In compliance with the “Traditional Crafts Unification Display Business Implementation Regulations” prepared by the Association of Transmigration Societies, the Specific Manufacturing Cooperative Associations must have a trademark license agreement.
In accordance with the “Traditional Stamp Paper Label Implementation Regulations”, the Specific Manufacturing Cooperative Association conducts inspections on the target traditional craft items and pastes “Traditional Stamp Paper” to those that passed the inspection standards.

Traditional craft items unified display project undertaken by the Transmission Association is a mark that consumers can purchase traditional craft items at ease by affixing a unified “traditional stamp” and for craftsmen, ” It is a trademark proud handmade. It is extremely important to provide a measure of identification to consumers because traditional crafts are also quite sophisticated and many similar items are difficult for ordinary consumers.

For display of traditional craft items,

The letter of “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Designated Traditional Crafts”
“The name of traditional crafts”
“Name of a specific manufacturing cooperative association”

It is clearly stated.